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The Newly Divorced Book of Protocol: How To Be Civil When You Hate Their Guts

Newly Divorced Book of Protocol: How To Be Civil When You Hate Their Guts offers a real no-holds-barred look at divorce and its consequences. It is the handbook of the 90's that the divorcee should in reality be joined with, "till death do you part." With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, and the vast majority of people touched by divorce, this book is important reading.

Like talking to a dear friend, "The Newly Divorced Book of Protocol" is packed with understanding and empathy. This book has answers to your stickiest questions. Ready to learn how to survive a divorce without life being turned upside down, taking POW's, or being victimized by your divorce attorney or soon to be ex-spouse? Gloria Lintermans takes you gently by the hand and leads you with sensitivity and common sense through every stage of separation, divorce, and healing.




Book Excerpts:

Sample Chapter:
Chapter 9: Emotional Accessibility: You want what!?





I like this book! It deals with every facet of divorce and even suggests projects and challenges as you continue through the process. It talks about the different phases of your life as you come to terms with getting ready to leave, separation, divorce, and healing --- sort of like a handbook for hurting folks amidst the nasty process of divorce.

Says reader Sharon.


This book offers wise and witty advice to help you successfully cope with the realities of divorce and come out the other end happier that you ever though possible.

Says Eleanor Osborne, in NEW DIVORCE GUIDE COVERS INS, OUTS AND A REAL SURVIVAL PLAN, Reviewer Daytona Beach News-Journal.



Newly Divorced Book of Protocol: How To Be Civil When You Hate Their Guts, by syndicated columnist, Gloria Lintermans, is rich with sound advice for successfully dealing with divorce problems. For example:

  • The ins and outs of dating again
  • Is it possible, and how, to keep your old "couple" friends
  • Your relationship with your, even their, family
  • Having sex with your ex
  • How to care for yourself
  • How to ensure support money will be collected when it's due
  • What are the realities of child custody and caring for kids
  • Will they be emotionally damaged forever
  • Grandparents concerns for their children, grandchildren, and themselves
  • How grandparents can help

This is only a very small sampling of the many concerns dealt with in this book. Take a closer look inside the book that is sure to share your story, even help you survive.

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