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Lintermans has appeared on national and local radio and television talk shows across the county and enjoys a reputation as an articulate, warm, and knowledgeable guest. She has hosted her own "Looking Great with Gloria Lintermans" cable television and radio shows and is a popular lecturer and commentator.


"LOOKING GREAT with Gloria Lintermans," KIEV Los Angeles, Monday-Friday talk show, 120 shows aired, 1986-1987

Guest Appearances:

  • "Larry Van Nuys" KNX 1070 News Radio
  • "Healthy Advice by Good Neighbor Pharmacy with Dr. Gene Steiner"
    KRLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • "Life After Lunch," Denver, Co.
  • "Danielle Sullivan" LA
  • "Michael Jackson," LA
  • "Donna Mason Show" Raleigh, NC
  • "Liz Maita Show," New Brunswick, NJ
  • "The Dunuta Show," Eugene, Or.
  • "Talk Line with Brian Teegarden," Yakima, WA.
  • "The Penny Wolfgang Show," Buffalo, NY
  • "Pete Braley Show," Fairhaven, Ma.
  • "Steve Kalk Show," Beaver Falls, Pa.
  • "Morning Drive with John Dawson," Albany, Ga.
  • "Tim Quinn Show," Bridgeport, CT.
  • "Double Talk with Barry Martin," Napa, Ca.
  • "George Brown Show," Worcester, Ma.
  • "Fort Collins Forum with P.J. Clark" Ft. Collins, Co.
  • "Something You Should Know About with Mike Carruthers," Nationally Syndicated
  • "Kent Slocum Show," Grand Rapids, Mi.
  • "Morgantown AM," Morgantown, WV.
  • "The Jack Recordi Show," San Antonio, TX.
  • "Charlie Fitzsimmons Show," Rochester, NY
  • "Guest Relations with Dr. Duffy Spencer," Westbury, NY
  • "Memphis in the Morning," Memphis, TN.
  • "KZLA Morning Show," LA
  • "The John Hill Show," Port Huron, Michigan
  • "Mararie Pinkard Show," Baltimore, Maryland
  • "What You Show Know About," Philadelphia, Pa.


"LOOKING GREAT with Gloria Lintermans," a weekly, half-hour talk show, woman's magazine format, 118 shows aired in Los Angeles, Ca. on cable television, 1986-1988

Guest Appearances:

  • "Mid-Day News," Ch. 7, Denver
  • "Alive & Well," national cable
  • "Mid-Day News," KTTV, LA
  • "Frankly Female," KHJ, LA
  • "Daybreak," KABC, LA
  • "Hour Magazine," Nationally Syndicated
  • "Consumer Trends," NEWS, KTLA, LA
  • "AM Los Angeles," (ongoing appearances) KABC-TV, LA, KNBC News, Fox Television News
  • "Ask E Jean," America's Talking Network, CNBC.

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